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Our headquarters is in Giyani, Limpopo, South Africa.

Our headquarters is in Giyani, Limpopo, South Africa. We also have other churches namely: Nkowankowa, Burgersdorp, Matsotsosela, Shisasi, Shigamani, Lulekani, Protea Glen (Soweto), Mohlabaneng and a home cell in Polokwane.

Our church also offers people of all races, local and international the opportunity to be members of our online church. In the fourth industrial revolution, we have a vision of one global church.

We use social media platforms where people can assemble or be members of our church in the comfort of their homes, offices, boardrooms, cars, etc.

We reach out to many nations mainly through the Apostle’s Facebook page and our online radio, HBN FM ( Harvest Broadcasting Network).  

You can download our HBN FM app directly from the play store and enjoy our LIVE services.  


Tell: +27(15) 812 4225

WhatsApp: +2776 285 4649

Facebook: Apostle VV Hlongwana Ministries

Email: info@hbnertwork.org.za  

HBN FM : Please download the app and also rate it.  

552 Block 15B Giyani Section E Main Road Giyani 0826 Limpopo Province SOUTH AFRICA

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