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Hune MbiluYavho Ya Vha Hone

Nzhelele FM is a community radio station that seeks to integrate education, entertainment and business in a professional media setting.
Our mission is to recruit, build and improve aspiring radio personalities, and provide quality, powerfully executed and competitive radio shows in Limpopo. Serviced by volunteers and professional staff, we deliver popular local radio with a powerful social agenda.
Nzhelele FM is the only community radio of its kind in Limpopo province, with its broad transmission, we are able to reach more listeners from all walks of life than our nearest competitors.
Funded by a mix of public, private and charitable sectors, Nzhelele FM is commissioned to deliver relevant shows that educate, inform, and entertain the community.  
Nzhelele FM stands as the biggest community radio in the whole of Vhembe reaching more than 150 km from north to south, east to west.

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